What is Sexual Wellness?

Male sexual arousal is a complex process that involves the brain, hormones, nerves, muscles, and blood vessels. When a man’s sexual health is optimal, it includes a healthy amount of sexual desire, or libido, as well as the ability to achieve and sustain a firm erection. Erectile dysfunction (ED), also called impotence, is known as the persistent inability to obtain or maintain sufficient rigidity of the penis to allow for satisfactory sexual performance. ED is an incredibly common issue, affecting between 10 and 30 million men in the U.S. alone. Age is the variable most strongly associated with ED due to naturally declining testosterone levels, but many physical and emotional factors may also contribute to this common condition.

ED can be a devastating condition not only to your health but also to your self-esteem, relationships, and overall sense of wellbeing. At Medsmart Wellness Centers, we understand the importance of men’s sexual wellness and offer a vast variety of treatments that effectively restore erectile function and improve the quality of your sex life.

Oral Medication

Viagra (sildenafil) and Cialis (tadalafil) are the two most commonly prescribed medications to combat ED and improve male sexual performance.

PT-141 Peptide

This medication works as a synthetic aphrodisiac and increases your sexual desire.

Injectable Treatments

Penile injections work to expand blood vessels and direct blood flow to the penis to encourage an erection using different drugs and varying strengths.

Shockwave Therapy

Are you a man who is suffering from weakening erections, penile shortening or curvature? Are you a woman who is having a decrease in sexual pleasure, poor lubrication, pain with intercourse or an inability to achieve an orgasm?

At the MedSmart Wellness Centers, we see thousands of patients each year with these sexual complaints and until now, treatment options have been limited…until now.

Low intensity shockwave therapy (LiST) is a groundbreaking “drug and surgery-free” procedure that uses acoustic waves to stimulate a cascade of biological actions that lead to the healing and regeneration of the sexual organs. Simply …LiST helps your body heal itself!

After much research and training, we are proud to include LiST alongside many other treatments for our patients suffering from sexual dysfunction.

What Is Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy (LIST)?

Our bodies have a remarkable capacity to heal themselves. Regeneration of new tissue is accomplished by the natural production of stem cells. Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy (LiST) delivers pulse waves to the penis or vagina and stimulates activation of the body’s cellular repair mechanisms, similar to that with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections. This results in the opening of existing blood vessels and growth of new ones as well. It additionally stimulates cellular tissue repair resulting in better improved, or even normalized, sexual function. LiST was originally used to treat sports injuries and plantar fasciitis, but now has evolved to address issues of sexual wellness and dysfunction. LiST is one of the most advanced, effective natural treatments for cellular repair AND rejuvenation throughout the body.

Medsmart Wellness Centers provides a comprehensive evaluation of your health and lifestyle. Each patient receives individual attention and care. Contact us for an appointment today. We look forward to helping you achieve the life you deserve!

Priapus Shot (P-Shot)

It is frustrating for a man to lose sexual function with the natural aging process. Declining erections may prevent you from enjoying intimacy with your spouse. The reduction in the level of testosterone can cause a number of symptoms. Some men look for surgical treatment to solve these problems. However, the safest and non-surgical option, available to you is Priapus Shot. For male enhancement and for restoring sexual health, the Platelet Rich Plasma technique is the best choice.

How P-Shot works for your penis

The P-Shot works as a type of effective regenerative treatment, using the growth factors of blood for stimulating the penis healing process. The specialists draw blood and treat it by using a centrifuge machine. The process helps in concentrating the healing elements in the blood into PRP. The physicians then apply a numbing cream and inject the PRP into your penis, having dysfunction. They use a very small needle for injection. This injection is effective for regenerating the blood vessels and muscle tissue. The overall process takes 10 to 20 minutes, and the result can last for a year.

Various remedies from P-Shot injection

It is true that the most common issue in men is erectile dysfunction. However, some men also face several other challenges. The best fact is that Priapus shot injection helps in reducing various issues, including prostate discomfort and urinary incontinence according to Priapus shot research. Lots of therapists combine it with other treatments for providing you with the best results. These unique and innovative techniques build strength and firmness to the tissues.

The researchers have also found that Priapus Shot procedure is one of the remedies to Peyronie’s disease, a condition resulting in scars in the penis and painful erections. These problems can cause a bend to your penis. P-Shot improves the health of the penis, and that is why it can cure Peyronie’s disease,

After 4 hours of taking P-Shot injection, you can engage in sexual activity. However, to get the optimal result from the process, you may use a Vacuum Erection Device twice every day.

You know that the Priapus shot injection of PRP helps in the growth of blood vessels and tissues of the chosen part. Thus, while having better penile sensitivity, you can find the bigger-sized penis. The larger penis and longer erections will also cause an increase in the self-confidence of every man. Most of the men have found an increase of their penis girth and length by ½ inch.

Peyronie’s Treatment

Peyronie’s is a disease where scar tissue in your penis causes it to bend, curve or lose length or girth. You may be able to feel the scar tissue (plaque) through the skin or you may have pain in a specific part of your penis as the scar tissue forms. During an erection, your penis can bend up, down, or to the side depending on the location of the scar. Some men with this condition don’t have a curve but might have an area of indentation or “hourglass” appearance.

Most men don’t have perfectly straight erections. Just because there is a little curve in your penis, that doesn’t mean you have Peyronie’s disease. Men who have had a curvature their whole lives do not have Peyronie’s disease.

In most cases, the scar forms on the top of the penis, causing it to curve upwards when it becomes erect. Your penis will bend downward if the scar is on the bottom, and sideways if the scar is on the side. In some cases, the scar develops on both the top and bottom of the shaft, which can cause the penis to become “dented” or shorter. Sometimes the scar will go all the way around the penis, making it narrow like the neck of a bottle or the center of an hourglass. About one in three men with this condition may have calcium in the scar tissue that can make it feel like bone.

How is Peyronie’s disease diagnosed?

Your healthcare provider will ask you about anything that may have happened before the symptoms appeared, such as an injury. They will feel the hardened tissue caused by the disease, although sometimes it is necessary to do the examination when your penis is erect. If needed, an injection will be used to temporarily make your penis erect for the exam.

Your healthcare provider may recommend an ultrasound. The ultrasound will reveal where the plaque is, check for calcium buildup, and show how the blood flows in your penis. This test can allow your healthcare provider to determine which treatment options you might be a candidate for.

Peyronie’s disease treatment

Your doctor will recommend the type of treatment based on the severity of your curvature. Our experts offer several advanced medical and surgical therapies to effectively repair most curvatures and restore full sexual function. Treatment options include:

Injection therapy

We use a fine-gauge needle to inject medication directly into scar tissue in the penis. A series of injections over six months helps break up scar tissue, allowing the penis to become straighter. You can expect mild pain, swelling or bruising after each injection. This treatment is best for men with mild to moderate curvature. The most effective medication provides up to a 35 percent improvement. 


Viagra (sildenafil) and Cialis (tadalafil) are the two most commonly prescribed medications to combat ED and improve male sexual performance. Both of these drugs are known as phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors, which work on the vascular system to increase blood flow into the penis to help produce an erection before intercourse with or without sexual arousal. At Medsmart Wellness Centers, we can customize a treatment program with these medications based on your needs to help you achieve powerful erections once again.

Peptides are naturally-occurring compounds composed of amino acids that serve many different roles in the body, including helping your cells to carry out their functions. While many traditional erectile dysfunction medications work on the vascular system to open blood vessels to obtain an erection with or without sexual stimulation, researchers have discovered that peptide sequence 141, or PT 141, actually works to target the region of your brain responsible for regulating sexual response. In other words, this medication works as a synthetic aphrodisiac and increases your sexual desire.

PT 141 activates neurons in the hypothalamus—the area of the brain that controls your libido. Once these neurons are activated, it signals to your pituitary glands to release sex hormones associated with sexual arousal into your bloodstream to get you in the mood. This treatment works in about 80 percent of men who do not respond to medications like Viagra and is even safe to use with nitrate medications.

The expert wellness consultants at Medsmart Wellness Centers are always ready to help you with your sexual health and wellness concerns. To learn more about the services we offer and how they can expertly help you to conquer erectile dysfunction, contact us today at 305-842-2244 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

When conventional oral medications for erectile dysfunction such as Viagra and Cialis are contraindicated or non-responsive, penile injections are a compelling alternative for helping men achieve an erection before intercourse with or without sexual stimulation. Penile injections are self-administered directly into the corpora cavernosa, the erection chambers located on each side of the penis, using a small hypodermic needle.

As with oral ED medications, penile injections work to expand blood vessels and direct blood flow to the penis to encourage an erection using different drugs and varying strengths. At Medsmart Wellness Centers, we offer the following injectable prescriptions for ED for your needs:

Bi-Mix: An injectable formula containing a mix of two medications—Papaverine which works to expand the blood vessels, and Phentolamine which relaxes the smooth muscle and elevates cardiac output for increased blood flow to the groin.

Tri-Mix: The next step up from Bi-Mix, containing a combination of three medications that work together to treat ED - Alprostadil, Phentolamine and Papaverine. The addition of Alprostadil works to boost blood flow even more so than Bi-Mix for patients who are unresponsive to the Bi-Mix formulation.

Quad-Mix: Considered to be the most potent ED injectable, Quad-Mix contains four different medications to help patients achieve an erection by directing blood flow to the groin - Prostaglandin E, Papaverine, Phentolamine, and Atropine.

The clinical term for shockwave therapy is low-intensity shockwave therapy (LI-ESWT). It’s a noninvasive therapy that’s been used in orthopedics for years to help heal broken bones, injured ligaments, and injured tendons.

LI-ESWT has also been used to improve wound healing. Using targeted high-energy sound waves, LI-ESWT can speed up tissue repair and cell growth.

Erections rely on healthy blood flow to the penile tissue. Shockwave therapy is viewed favorably as a way of repairing and strengthening blood vessels in the penis and improving blood flow. Increasing blood flow to the penis is the same goal of more traditional ED treatments, such as oral medications including Sildenafil (Viagra) and Tadalafil (Cialis).

Shockwave therapy is administered with a wand-like device placed near different areas of the penis. A healthcare provider moves the device along parts of the penis for about 15 minutes while it emits gentle pulses. No anesthesia is needed.

The pulses trigger improved blood flow and tissue remodeling in the penis. Both of these changes can lead to erections sufficient for sex.

The Priapus Shot® (or P-Shot®) for men is a treatment that provides a specific way of using your own blood-derived growth factors to rejuvenate the penis. It is a breakthrough, clinically-proven, safe, and effective procedure that helps male sexual wellness — without surgery, or the use of medications.

The Priapus Shot® utilizes the power of platelet-enriched blood plasma collected from the patient's own body. The doctor injects the platelet-rich plasma, which encourages and stimulates the body's natural healing and restoration process. The blood is drawn and then activated.

During the Priapus Shot® procedure, the doctor or nurse begins by applying a numbing cream to the penis and arm. Blood is then drawn from the arm in the same way as with a blood test. Using a centrifuge and a special method, Platelets are then isolated with the resultant growth and healing factors.

The Priapus Shot, also called the P-Shot, is a medically proven, safe and effective treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). The P-Shot is one of only a few non-surgical male enhancement treatments that may increase penis size and improve sexual performance while treating erectile dysfunction.

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment (PD)

Peyronie's disease is a connective tissue disorder involving the growth of fibrous plaques in the soft tissue of the penis. Specifically, scar tissue forms in the tunica albuginea, the thick sheath of tissue surrounding the corpora cavernosa, causing pain, abnormal curvature, erectile dysfunction, indentation, loss of girth and shortening.

It is estimated to affect 10% of men; the condition becomes more common with age.

A certain degree of curvature of the penis is considered normal, as many men are born with this benign condition, commonly referred to as congenital curvature. The disease may cause pain; hardened, big, cord-like lesions (scar tissue known as "plaques"); or abnormal curvature of the penis when erect due to chronic inflammation of the tunica albuginea.

Although the popular conception of Peyronie's disease is that it always involves curvature of the penis, the scar tissue sometimes causes divots or indentations rather than curvature. The condition may also make sexual intercourse painful and/or difficult, though it is unclear whether some men report satisfactory or unsatisfactory intercourse in spite of the disorder.[citation needed] It can affect men of any race and age.

Peyronie's disease can also have psychological effects. While most men will continue to be able to have sexual relations, they are likely to experience some degree of erectile dysfunction. It is not uncommon to exhibit depression or withdrawal from their sexual partners.

The underlying cause of Peyronie's disease is unknown. Although, it is likely due to a buildup of plaque inside the penis due to repeated mild sexual trauma or injury during sexual intercourse or physical activity.